PG & Research Projects

Optimizt Technologies is proud to announce as India’s Leader in Post Graduate & Research Engineering Student’s Project Assistance. The specialty at Optimizt Technologies is in the field of Finite Element Modeling (FEM), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) area as Numerical Method to solve challenging engineering problems including Analytical Methods, Experimental Methods. Since year 2015, we have been providing prototyping & validation support for most of the engineering topics with the help of Manufacturing & Testing Facilities available at our partners.

Key Features of this service:

  • 10 plus years of experienced team worked for MNCs
  • Domain expertise in the respective topic of interest
  • Successfully completed more than 150 projects
  • Access to thousands of Research Papers/White Papers/Publications
  • Access to thousands of Conference Papers published in reputed International & National Conferences
  • 100 plus project topics available in the field of FEA & CFD
  • Complete project support from topic selection, abstract, analysis & stage wise work, report & interview

A) Expertise Fields in FEA & CFD:

Automobile FEA:           Vehicle Durability, NVH, Crash & Safety Simulations and Multi Body Dynamics (MBD)

Automobile CFD:           Aerodynamics, Cabin Comfort & HVAC, Engine Cooling, Exhaust System, Fuel Tank Sloshing

Aerospace CFD:              Aerodynamics, Supersonic Vehicles, Hypersonic Vehicles

Heat Transfer /CFD:     Electronics Cooling, Natural & Forced Convection, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Radiation

TurboMachinery/CFD: Steady/Transient, Axial Machines, Centrifugal/Radial Machines, Wind Mills

Process Industry FEA:   Piping Stress Analysis, Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchanges

Manufacturing FEA:      Orthogonal Metal Cutting, Sheet Metal Forming, Polymer Mold Flow Simulations

Civil Structures:              Steel, RCC, Foundation, Bridges, Dams, Composites, Soil Structure Interactions, Blast

B) Specific Topics in FEA & CFD:

Structural Mechanics:   Linear & Non Linear Static and Dynamics/Implicit & Explicit Analysis

Thermal Analysis:          Steady State, Transient, Creep

Fracture Mechanics:      Fatigue Life & Damage, Crack Initiation & Propagation

Tribology:                         Friction & Wear Analysis

Material Modeling:        Polymers – Elastic Plastic & Hyper Elastic, Composites – Delamination

Coupled Field:                Thermo Mechanical Analysis

Multi Physics:                 Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)


Note: Please contact us for the list of topics available with us or our Clients. You may contact us for any assistance on your own project topics as well.