Revit Training In Pune

Revit Training In Pune


Revit is proficient with effective tools to plan and track different stages in the building’s lifecycle, from the notion of construction and later sustaining and/or demolition. Revit is a robust developmental design and documentation software application designed by Autodesk for architects and construction professionals. The modern tools and assorted features of Revit are respectively designed to advance building information modeling (BIM) workflows. Learn the advanced Revit techniques with our Revit training in Pune. Optimizt Technologies is the organization which provides the best training in Revit.

Revit software is helpful as a modeling tool for architects, engineers, and contractors. It allows users to invent a building and its elements in 3D, interpret the model with 2D drafting elements and access building information from the building models database.

Revit training in Pune with Optimizt

• Introduction
• Setting up the units.
• Rating & modifying walls.
• Applying editing tools
• Apply doors & windows.
• Loading additional building components.
• Creating & Modifying roofs.
• Creating & Modifying floors.
• Adding annotations to the drawing.
• Creating different levels.
• Placing columns, beams& other structural elements.
• Rooms & area calculations & applying color schemes to the drawing.
• Creating stairs, ramps, & railing.
• Creating different openings.
• Creating sections, elevations, and details & drafting view.
• Documentation & scheduling.
• Working with the camera.
• Creating walk- throughs.
• Import & Export of drawings.
• Working with mass.
• Design a site scene.
• Plotting.
• How to create the solar study.
• How to create families.

Complete course content of Optimizt, Revit training in Pune

• Introduction
• Revit architecture
• Overview of the interface
• Add and modify wall profile
• Place door window and components
• Creating design a plan
• Creating roof
• Dimensions and Constraints
• Create Floors and Ceilings
• Conceptual Models
• Structural Elements
• Sheets and title blocks
• Creating Symbols & Legend Components
• Merge Surface & Split Surface
• Creating Solid & Void
• Views, Camera, Walk-through, Render
• Structural & Construction
• Site Design
• Project work

Reasons to use Revit

• Preview the Future Home in 3D BIM Modeling
• Quick Changes to Design, No Repetitive Tasks
• Vast library of parametric building components
• High quality Construction documents
• Accurate Estimation of quantities and cost
• Improved coordination
• High level of flexibility

Building Information Modeling is poised to be a major innovation in the architecture industry, and Revit supplies oxygen to this wonderful innovation. There are various numbers of reasons behind the increasing acceptance of Revit software in the architecture industry. Optimizt is a globally leading construction documentation firm, has observed the above advantages of Revit Building Information Modeling software.

We believe that you could be tomorrow’s technology and business leaders and should be equipped to be part of, and lead, that change. In helping achieve this goal, training is key. We specialize in imparting unmatched world-class training for the concern candidates. Learn with us and add some more qualities in yourself that is the need of the industry.