FA Questions

Que: How do I select the proper Course for my future career ?

Ans:   It depends upon key parameters like which industry sector is your target, the exact specialization (domain of interest), technology trends, job opportunities, long term job stability & satisfaction as well. In today’s most competitive scenario, the no of jobs for freshers are low compared to the total no of students willing to get it. Also the trend is changing faster as Industry’s are looking for resources on Contract Payroll through Staffing Companies rather than direct payroll.

So keeping this in mind, you should select a software which is mainly preferred in that area by most of the companies. But only software may not server your purpose and hence we recommend you to learn domain course along with it. This may provide you early job calls and Industry will prefer you even as a fresher. This keep you out of the box from competition because its more specific learning than generic one.

Please note that choosing a course with multiple softwares (CAD or CAE or CAD+CAE) never servers the purpose because then your knowledge is never thorough in any one particular software and finally you will be getting a job call for any one of them only.

Que: How do I select the right Institute for any course of interest ?

 Ans:   This is the most difficult task for any one because education has become a business and many institutes are doing wrong practices to convince the students. They do lot of marketing & commit big especially for Job Calls or Guarantees. In this process they never focus on actual students skill development by imparting necessary knowledge. 

Que: Which parameters does Industry looks for selecting the Candidates ?


1) For CAD Courses:

2) For Domain CAD Courses:

3) For FEM & FEA Courses:

4) For CFD Courses:

Que: Why should I choose your institute (Optimizt Technologies)?