CREO Training Institute In Pune

CREO Training Institute In Pune


Optimizt Technologies is one of the best Creo training institutes in Pune. The Advanced Modeling using Creo we teach you how to use advanced part modeling techniques to improve your product designs. In this training, you will get how to create and modify design models using venerable sketching procedures and feature creation tools. You will also learn how to reuse existing design geometry when creating new design models. After completion of this training, you will be well qualified to work efficiently with dense product designs using Creo.

What is Creo?

Creo is a family or suite of design software supporting product design for discrete manufacturers and is developed by PTC. It consists of apps, each presenting a well-defined set of capabilities for a user role within product development.

Creo software used for?

Creo Elements/Pro, PTC’s parametric, integrated 3D CAD, CAM, CAE solution, is used by discrete manufacturers for mechanical engineering, design, and manufacturing.

Creo is a higher end CAD programs not because they are better in the modeling realm, but rather because they typically are more powerful on the back end. stuff like being able to handle a bazillion part assemblies with multiple users accessing them all at once. They also tend to be more stable which is obviously super important if you have 20 people accessing their files at the same time. They usually have more advanced surfacing capabilities which are important for consumer products. They also have powerful FEA and CFD tools built in. Some have built in CAM tools as well.

Course Objectives:

Optimizt Technologies, Creo training institutes in Pune have following objectives.

• Introduction & Understanding to Creo Parametric Concepts.
• Using Creo Parametric Interface.
• Selecting & editing of geometry, features, and models.
• Creating sketcher Geometry & using Sketcher Tools.
• Using of Sketches & datum features.
• Creating extrudes & revolves.
• Creating Holes, shells, Draft & Patterns.
• Creating rounds, chamfers & using layers.
• Assembling with constraints.
• Exploding, Replacing Components, cross sections in assemblies.
• Advanced selection, Creating Sweeps & Swept Blends.
• Relations, Parameters & Family Tables
• Groups, Copy, Mirror & UDF’s.
• Measuring, inspecting Models & Seeking help.
• Capturing, Managing Design Intent & Resolving failures.
• Introduction to flexible Modeling.
• Editing and transformations in flexible modeling.
• Component Interfaces, Flexible Components, Restructuring, Simplified Reps.
• Creating and using assembly structure and skeletons.
• Sheet metal Design Process and fundamentals.
• Creating primary & secondary Sheetmetal wall features.
• Bending, Unbending & Modifying Sheetmetal Models.
• Introduction, creating new drawings & drawing views.

Creo is a software or group of applications used for a various purpose such as:
• 3d modeling
• Drafting
• Analysis
• Simulation
• Mechanism
• Animation
• Optimization

Using this software you can interpret, explore, modify, represent and analyze your data, idea, concept, imagination, and knowledge. Our Creo training institutes in Pune have the best faculties who have the great experience and they will help you to attain the best career.