Automobile Trims Design Training Institute In Pune

Automobile Trims Design Training Institute In Pune


Optimizt Technologies is one of the leading Automobile Trims Design Training Institute in Pune where you learn the basic to advance level learning. Automobile Trims Design Training gives a vehicle design, style, and temperament. It is at the forefront of how a vehicle is perceived and directly influences a customer’s buying decision. However, Automobile Trims Design involves not just designing of new thoughts but also the designing of methods of production. Owing to competition, and globalization of the automobile industry, this branch of engineering design witnesses an influx of innovation. Constant learning of changing design practices and software tools is a must.

Why Automobile Trims Design Training with us?

As being Automobile Trims Design Training Institute in Pune we build up your interest in automotive body design. It will introduce you to all stages of designing automobiles – from drawing board to the street. The focus, true to the headline of the training, will be on the architecture of body and how to graphically describe body parts using the software.

The objective of the course is to train you in designing primary body parts – body shell, body components, and body interior components of commercial and industrial vehicles.

The course will guide you through the processes – starting from sketching to taking the sketch to a photo realistic model and to pre-production prototypes. Professional taking up the course will be able to shorten body development time.

Objective of this course
The course aims to provide sound knowledge in concept design and production design. The subjects covered in theory design are basically is product planning and research, establishing functional objectives, design, and package ideation, benchmarking, sizing and dimensions, and advanced design package and clay model construction. On the product design side, the course aims to give exposure to the student in production design, production engineering and creating prototype and testing.

Students will obtain and sustain skills involved in making vehicle body design notions; automotive styling and class a surfacing, Automotive design, Computer Aided contrary engineering, computational fluid dynamics. The highlight of the course is that it gives projects in each of these competencies and lines up with experts to guide students in the project.

What can you do after this training?

You will know the basics of automotive perspective, operative design, and positioning; vehicle packaging; all about framework and bodies You will get introduced to automobile styling and determine how to create and control simple and complex sort of geometry; CV sculpting method; CLASS A surfacing; surface conversion to other CAD; surface evaluation; and show room rendering.

You will know how to create a full sized mock-up of the final design by learning specifications, components and functional requirements; jigs and fixtures; design of sheet metals components, and design of components.

Who can learn?

This training is ideal for following students
• B.E. / B.Tech Mechanical students
• B.E. / B.Tech Automobile students
• M.E / M.Tech / M.S students in Design / CAD CAM/ Automobile
• Professionals working in Automotive design